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Digtective integrates with HubSpot

Digtective is pleased to announce that we have recently successfully integrated our digital cookieless tracking software with HubSpot, including a HubSpot app, on behalf of Finepart, one of our customers.

“We are extremely pleased with having Digtective integrated with our CRM-system to access additional features of the digital marketing software that has already boosted the number of firm leads. Having solved our marketing-related GDPR issues at the same time is a great relief”, say Lars Darvall, CEO of Finepart.

Yann Skaalen, founder and CEO of Digtective, says: “We are proud to have done our first HubSpot integration, including the HubSpot App and we have now paved the way for additional customers with easy integration. It has been a pleasure to work with Finepart on this project and we wish them the best of luck with their sales efforts, which we expect will work like a charm with their new integration”.

The software is purpose-built for GDPR compliance whilst providing 100% correct data in real-time. Cookieless tracking without any fingerprinting or collection of customer data provides a win-win situation between our customers and their customers. Digtective provides customers with a future-proof solution at a time when browsers, search engines, CMS providers and social media platforms are implementing measures that render the old ways of tracking close to impossible. Digtective provides unique and actionable marketing insights including

1) 100% correct data with cookieless tracking or javascript
2) real-time information on campaigns/ads that are profitable or loss-making so that you can act immediately and
3) measuring your preferred metrics with an API to your CRM without exhanging personal data, including post-sale metrics such as LTV, returns and defaults.

Se how Digtective works Here

Finepart is an innovative and technology-oriented company that develops and sells machines for component manufacturing with ultra-high precision for virtually all materials. The company’s new technology is based on micro abrasive waterjet cutting technology, utilizing high-pressure water of approximately 4000 bar, to create a jet that accelerates sand grains (abrasives) and remove material by particle erosion. Finepart brings its customers Beyond cutting edge as the world-leading provider of non-thermal precision cutting. With the Finepart process you will enjoy Swedish ultra-accuracy for virtually all materials. The company was founded in 2012 and its head office is in Bollebygd, Sweden. 2020 revenues amounted to SEK 12.7m, an increase of 58% over 2019.   Visit Finepart on